Our Mantra:

Goal-Based Investing

We at Armefin believe that investments focused on achieving goals bring about more value to the investor by giving them financial discipline and stability.

While most people know investing is a way towards better finances, most don’t know when to enter or when to exit. The mere lack of clarity makes an investment more of a gamble than anything else. Which is why we suggest investments with a purpose, investments that are inclined towards helping you reach your ultimate goal or multiple goals.


To make goal based investing a very important part of your financial habits,
Golfin brings to you a Realistic Report to achieve your goals.

Choose up to 4 Goals
Provide us the requested Basic & Goal specific info
Detailed report will be delivered within 24-48 hours
Get the Investment Amount vs Rate of Return matrix .
Understand your Risk profile.
To check our sample report Click Here
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Our Research


Research on Mutual funds, ETF’s and bonds to deliver tailor made investment ideas for your goals.

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Investment Research in stocks that helps you reach your goals

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About Us

Armefin is a SEBI Registered  (Reg. No. INH200005638) Investment Research Entity providing research in Stocks, Mutual funds, ETFs and Bonds in the Indian Capital Markets.

Our Research Team comprises of CFA® Charter holder and candidates, NISM certified Research Analysts and Technical Analysts and Experienced Market Participants.

With over 30 Years of combined Research & Personal finance knowledge base of our Team, the circle of Advisors and Chartered Accountants, we are ready to help our clients in many Investment avenues.