Investment Research in stocks that helps you reach your goals


Long Term

₹199 Quarterly

1 Idea Per Month

Invest for 2 to 5 Years

For Passive Investors*

Based on Company fundamentals & future growth potential

Expected Absolute profit range of 100% - 200% per Idea

Reports sent on Whatsapp & Email

Risk Profile: Aggressive

* Investors who can Buy and Hold for at least 2 years without worrying about market volatility till their goals are achieved.

Medium Term

₹399 Quarterly

2 Ideas Per Month

Invest for 2 to 6 Months

For Active Investors*

Based on News, Events, Results & Technical Analysis

Expected profit range of 15% - 20% per Idea

Reports sent on Whatsapp & Email

Risk Profile: Aggressive

* Investors who can Buy and Hold for at least 2-3 months to reach their medium term goals.

One-Time Investments

One-Time Long Term

₹499 Four Ideas

Get up to 4 investment ideas in one go

Reports to be delivered within 10 Days

Apt for passive investors who wish to invest a lumpsum amount

Expected profit range: 100%-200% Per Idea

Investment horizon: Minimum 2 years

One-Time Medium Term

₹699 Four Ideas

Get up to 4 investment ideas in one go

Reports delivered within a week

Apt for active investors who wish to invest a lumpsum amount

Expected profit range of 15%-20% per idea

Investment horizon: 2-6 Months


Long Term

₹699 Yearly

Get 1 long term idea per month for a period of 12 months

Medium Term

₹999 Yearly

Get 2 medium term ideas per month for 12 months


What are the prerequisites?

To invest in the stock market, you must have a demat account with a broker of your choice. If you currently have a demat account, make sure that access to it is through an app on your phone for quick transactions. You can use a call and trade facility or an online platform to invest as well as monitor.

If you need help opening  a demat account, please click here

What charges would I incur?

You will incur the following charges to put the research into action and invest:

>Annual Demat Account Maintenance Charges
>Brokerage per trade, Security Transaction Tax (STT), Exchange related charges all inclusive should not exceed 0.7% of the transaction amount.

How to execute the order?

To execute the order you will have to add funds from your bank account to your broker account in order for the stock to be bought. Once the funds are present, you can buy the stocks through the platform on NSE or BSE and the same will be credited to your demat account.

What is the tax liability on the capital gains?

Capital gains refers to the profit/ earnings on your investments. (Shares,Equity oriented mutual funds)

Long term capital gains refers to earnings or profits on those stocks/ mutual funds that have been held for a period of more than 12 months while shot term capital gains refers to the earnings or profits on stocks/ equity mutual funds held for less than 12 months.

The long-term capital gains on stocks and equity mutual funds are taxed at 10% if the gains on sale of listed securities exceeds Rs.1 lakh (as per Union Budget 2018) and the short term gains are taxed at 15%

What will the stockathon report consist of?

When you subscribe to our stockathon research for medium term or long term investment ideas, we give you handpicked stocks best suited for the time frame you choose. The report consists of a basic profile of the company and it’s business with clear analysis of its revenue, growth rate and business model thereby concluding with the valuation of the stock and how much return on investment it will provide to you annually.

For those who subscribe for long term stock reports, one report per month shall be sent.
For those who subscribe for medium term stock reports, two reports per month shall be sent.
For lumpsum investors, all four reports will be sent as a one time service.

How do i invest after subscribing to this service?

Log in to your demat account. Place an Equity buy order. You simply have to buy the respective stocks by typing the stock symbol given in the report.

The investment should be made according to your allocated budget at the current market price if it is in the entry range mentioned in the report.

What to do if the price range to exit or enter has been surpassed?

Stockathon reports have a clear indication of which price range to enter the market. If the given price range has been surpassed by the time you execute the order, make sure you wait for the stock to come back to the entry range to buy the stock.

When the target or exit price range has been surpassed,it is ideal for you to sell and cash in the profits but it is entirely at the investor’s discretion to hold it further or sell the stock.

How are Stockathon reports sent?

Stockathon reports are sent via E-mail and Whatsapp for your convenience.

For long term plans, one Stockathon report shall be sent during the month.
For medium term plans, two Stockathon reports will be sent during the month.

Time playing a crucial role in the investment decision, the above reports will be sent accordingly.

For lumpsum plans, four Stockathon reports will be sent at once within a week of subscription.

What is the holding period to expect?

Long term plans for passive investors come with an investment horizon of a minimum of 2 years up to 5 years to reach the target rate of return.

Medium term plans for active investors come with an investment horizon of 2 months up to 6 months to reach the target rate of return.

Even while investing the money in lumpsum plans, the above investment horizons are applicable.

After buying the research, what services will be offered?

We understand that investors need follow up to hold on to the investments made since market movements are influenced by a lot of factors.

To this effect, we offer a quarterly review on the stocks with updates and new developments which shall be communicated through registered E-mail and Whatsapp. So stay assured that if there are any adverse market conditions related to the stock,we shall update you.

We shall also send updates when the target price has been reached as a reminder to all investors to sell the stock/make a decision regarding their holding.

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