Golfin Research

Golfin Research

Process & Pricing

Our research ideas are developed by Analysts having a combined experience of over 30 years in the investment industry and across multiple market cycles.

Get the Golfin Research report in a few simple steps:

  1. Download the Golfin Planner.
  2. Input the basic information.
  3. Select the up to 5 desired goals and input the requirements.
  4. Delete the unwanted goal sheets and save the planner with your name.
  5. Upload the Golfin Planner here, sit back and relax for the report.

We would get back to you with the Research report within 48 hours.

Our Financial counselors would take your appointment to explain the report and clarify queries.

Please pay our fees only if you are satisfied with our quality of effort and research.


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Pay only if you are satisfied

Guaranteed Replacement of annually under performing investments

*Investment Returns are subjected to Market Risks

What is the difference between trading and investing?

Investing is for active or passive investors who can hold the investment for more than 2 months or for as long as 5 years. Investing involves researched and well informed decisions taken on the part of the investor knowing the risks involved i.e high chances of profits or loss vs high risk.

Trading is only for active investors who look to make use of the market momentum to make money.  Trading requires one to constantly be updated due to volatility in the short term which is unpredictable.

Your goals and desired investment horizon defines whether you are an investor or a trader.

What are the prerequisites to start trading?

To invest in the stock market, you must have a demat account with a broker of your choice. If you currently have a demat account, make sure that access to it is through an app on your phone for quick trades or you have immediate access to a web browser to run the trade.

If you need help opening  a demat account, please click here.

For traders, having a an App based Trading & Demat account is advised over other ways of trading because access to the market is quicker and triggers/updates can be placed for monitoring.

What is some advice to trading enthusiasts?

Most traders have unrealistically high expectations about making profits double their investment. Trading should not be like gambling, there must be an informed decision made. In intraday and short trades, volatility in the market is high and there are a very specific entry and exit ranges so either the trader must have a very clear idea of the technical analysis on the stock or have a finance professional do the same for them.

Keeping the process simple and following simple rules mentioned below will ensure the trades stay in profit:

  • Entering in the Buy Range.
  • Exiting in the Target Range.
  • Exiting if the price moves  below a Stop Loss point. ( Price Point below which the chances of stock price going down are very high)

What charges would i incur?

You will incur the following charges to put the research to action and invest:

>Annual Demat Account Maintenance Charges
>Brokerage per trade, Security Transaction Tax (STT), Exchange related charges all inclusive upto 1% of the transaction amount

What will be my tax liability on the capital gains?

Short term capital gains tax is attracted by all those profits/ earnings made on investment held for less than 12 months.

Since T-gains requires you to hold the shares for up to 7 trading days, it attracts the short term capital gains tax. All your profits will be liable to a STCG tax of 15% irrespective of which tax slab you belong to. It is a flat rate with no exceptions.

How to execute the order?

To execute the order you will have to add funds from your bank account to your broker account in order for the stock to be bought. Once the funds are present, you can buy the stocks through the platform on NSE or BSE and the same will be credited to your demat account.

Will I get all the stock ideas/reports at the starting of the month?

No, you will not be receiving all the stock ideas at the starting of the month.
T-gains is a service that helps you make use of the market momentum to make well-researched trades in the short term. The stock ideas will be given on an ongoing basis throughout the month.

No more than 2 ideas will be given at once. You will get 8-12 stock ideas through the month but not all at the same time.

How to distribute my Trading capital per stock investment?

It is always advisable to separate your Trading Capital from Medium & Long Term Investment Capital.

Once you have allocated a trading capital and have subscribed to T-Gains service, Invest with 50% of the Trading capital on each idea and wait for the Target range to exit or stop-loss point to book loss by exiting from Investment.

How will the T-gains report be sent?

All those who subscribe to T-gains will get details regarding the stock ideas through Whatsapp and E-mail. Primary communication shall be made through Whatsapp in order to maintain timelines. Traders need to act as quick as possible on the stock idea to make the most of the idea.

What is the expected holding period?

Holding period for these stock ideas is anywhere from 2 to 7 trading days. Up to 2 ideas might be given simultaneously.

For a beginner trader, what are the rules to stick to?

Trading is a profession of understanding the probability of winning and losing.

You have to win more and lose less, this simple equation is the principle behind T-Gains research and the below rules will ensure you stay in profits.

  • Buy the stock at the given price range only-no deviations to be entertained.
  • Place the target order or alert in the range.
  • Immediately sell the stock if the target range is reached.
  •  If the market price of the stock falls below the stop loss point, do not wait for it to rise again, exit the investment immediately.