With a range of financial goals comes the need to save for them.
Golfin brings to you a personalized report which provides you the Scenarios to achieve your goals.

What Do We Need?

We would need basic information like Age, Location, Monthly Income, Monthly Expenses & Total EMI, which are common across the majority of the goals.

We would also request for specific information based on the goals selected by you.

What Do We Deliver?

Our report would provide an Investment Amount vs Rate of Return matrix(Conservative/Moderate/Aggressive) at various Investment intervals (Monthly/Quarterly/Half-yearly/Yearly/One-time ) for each goal along with goal specific outputs.
Apart from the report, we would send an Excel Sheet based Calculator which can be used to play around the input numbers to understand the impact of Investment amounts needed.



Free Upto 4 Goals

Report delivered within 24 hours

Inside the report : Investment Amounts for various risk profiles and periodicity

1 week support through Call & WhatsApp for queries

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